Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to have to reconsider the whole freedom of religion thing...

It's news like this that convinces me that I can't take over soon enough. You people are just screwing up by the numbers. You keep proving that you just can't be trusted with your own responsibilities.

The more you go to church, the more likely you support torture. WTF?!

Frankly this just doesn't surprise me. I was raised in a conservative church. One that had Sunday school, high moral standards, did charity work and believed that we are all God's children. By high moral standards, I mean that the (male) Church leadership caused a scandal by (getting caught) hiring prostitutes for its annual retreat. But it was okay, they asked for and received forgiveness.

Come on. So. The people who are most likely to demand their free speech rights, expect religious freedom (for themselves, not others), and claim the moral high ground believe that it's acceptable to torture another of God's creatures. No need for due process, conviction of a crime. You can torture anyone who is different, or is "scary".

You're scary, and I've had just about enough.

After I take over, the state religion is going to be Pastafarianism. Yup, you're all gonna be the Flying Spaghetti Monster's bitches. But it'll all be okay. It's beer and strippers for everyone! You're all going to be much happier after I take over.

I'm going to have a few words with the religious leaders. I'm going to take that "render unto Caesar" to a whole new level. Mark my words.

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